"I see Earth from my window and it is ROUND!" - Flat Earth Theory Psyop

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
October 08, 2023

"I see Earth from my window and it is ROUND!" - Flat Earth Theory Psyop

Originally in Spanish - April 2023

Swaruu X (Athena): The Earth cannot be flat. It goes against even the mathematics of the manifestation of matter. Everything is generated as a particle, then takes shape. The Flat-Earthers forget many things in their arguments.

For example, they don't say what's below. They never say anything. So if they don't give me a logical cosmology, there's no point in what they say.

Another thing they say is that it doesn't make sense to them that airplanes don't fly over the south pole because it's the shortest distance between two points. And that's true but they don't fly over the south pole for other reasons. Because it's a highly militarized area, so militarized that they deny it's militarized. They don't want planes over there or people would see the inconsistencies of the official version. They would see the entrance, the green areas and Federation ships going in and out.

And they forget other aviation facts. A flight between Los Angeles and Tokyo does not fly in a straight line over the Pacific Ocean, as would be best on a flat Earth, but the aircraft fly around over Alaska, and the Aleutians, because on a sphere or quasi-sphere Earth that is the shortest route. The Flat Earthers don't see that.

And they will say that planes don't fly over the Pacific Ocean because there's nowhere to land in case of a problem, and that's partially true, but it's yet another reason not to fly over there and to prefer the northern, Alaska-Aleutians route.

Robert: And about cosmology, that destroys all the constellations, doesn't it? Where does astrology fit in here? Or it doesn't really matter for people on Earth.

Swaruu X (Athena): That's right, everything gets destroyed. The Flat Earth makes the conspiracists not to look at the stars or understand extraterrestrials or anything like that, all that becomes an impossibility.

If you look at the constellations from different points on the planet and from different hemispheres, you will realize that the Earth is enveloped by the constellations, that is, it cannot be flat.

Robert: The Flat Earthers also claim that the Earth is much bigger than we are told. That still further demolishes astrology as we know it, doesn't it? Or not necessarily? A planet the size of Jupiter would also have 12 constellations? Does the size of a planet matter to see all 12 constellations from this Solar System?

Swaruu X (Athena): It collapses factors that they prefer to ignore, such as mass-gravity formula factors. That would indicate that if the Earth were much larger, its mass would be smashing, even if it were hollow, because there is a limit to how hollow a planet can be without collapsing under its own gravity.

Plus the angle of observation of all the constellations surrounding the planet are congruent only with the actual size of the Earth.

Robert: That's right. Even if they were light bulbs.

Swaruu X (Athena): Even if they were light bulbs, it still indicates that they envelop a sphere. Like it or not, this is conclusive.

The constellations and their movements and their congruent observation points when analyzed from different points of the planet Earth, both in the northern and southern hemisphere, indicate that it can only be spherical or semi-spherical and have a diameter of 12,742 km.

That's what mathematics is for, to know the form of things like the Earth. It's all perfectly synchronized in a predictable and mathematically calculable gravitational dynamic, and all that is forgotten by the Flat Earthers. That's why they should study physics before they speak.

Robert: Of course. They don't understand why things don't just fly off.

Swaruu X (Athena): Things don't fly off because they are inside a contained system, like your soda and peanuts when you fly in an airplane. You don't spill your soda and your peanuts don't fly off. Contained system. Constant speeds. No inertia to cause things to fly off.

I've also heard that at six miles or so ships don't disappear over the horizon. Aside from the Earth not being perfectly round, it so happens that there is atmospheric refraction, more over water, which allows things to be seen beyond the horizon in some light conditions that are not uncommon.

Robert: And Tina, why do most so-called "awakened" people believe in a flat Earth?

Swaruu X (Athena): I believe it is because they follow trends of other so-called awakened or conspiracy theorists, and because they have not yet awakened or evolved in their consciousness enough to realize that these are also manipulated agendas, those like the Flat Earth. They rely on the fact that NASA lies all the time with their journeys and with their photos that are not true. So they believe that everything is a lie, generalizing with the information.

While the agenda this time is to destroy the truth and impose the false idea that the Earth is flat. That is to say that Earth science was more accurate before, because today everything is just manipulation. And by before I mean even in the time of Archimedes.

Robert: I can't find it now... I had a video where the sun was moving away and becoming very small, it didn't disappear in the horizon.

Swaruu X (Athena): Atmospheric density, that's the answer. It is an optical illusion. It's variations in atmospheric density and temperature as well. The same for when two suns are seen. That is thermal inversion.

They create a mirror effect in one layer of the atmosphere when it collides with another layer of higher or lower temperature. This happens when the cold air is closer to the surface than the warm air layer. When generally the cold layer is above the warm layer, which is the one at the surface.

The Flat Earth model destroys all that, and to me it is indicative that this may be one of the reasons why they are pushing or encouraging that Flat Earth agenda - to discredit extraterrestrials. They also think that they have to be interdimensional or extraterrestrial. When in reality they are often both. For example, the Shadow People.

Robert: And one thing. Matter manifests itself in a toroidal form and then the consciousness shapes it, right?

Swaruu X (Athena): Rather, the consciousness makes it manifest and that energy dynamic unfolds in a toroidal fashion and at the same time that matter is generated it is given form simultaneously.

The Earth could not be as big as some of them say, or artificial, because it would collapse on its own with so many continents, and without a solid base underneath. The mass would exceed the expansive capacity of the Earth itself, it would collapse. And the gravity index measurable at 1G determines that by mathematical formulas the Earth can only have the size, mass and shape that the spherists claim it to have.

What proves that the Earth is essentially spherical is mathematics and geometry, not horizon photos and camera lens tricks. Simply because of mass. Mass is measurable and is associated with a gravity rate. You can't exceed that mass without causing more gravity.

Two objects with masses m1 and m2, with a distance between their centers, attract with a force F equal to: F = Gm1m2/r2 where G is the gravitational constant equal to 6.672 x 10-11Nm2/kg2.

The formula for gravity: F=G/Mass 1 and Mass 2 divided by the radius squared.

Formula of gravity in relation to mass. With that collapses the Flat Earth.

Robert. Wow. Thank you. Some say why don't they turn the James Webb telescope in the direction of the Earth.

Swaruu X (Athena): The telescope doesn't turn because they don't turn it or because it doesn't exist or because if they turned it, it would look at what they don't want people to look at.


Yazhi: Now they are saying that water doesn't bend, and that's nonsense that I can take apart in three seconds. What does water do when it's in a free state, whether it's zero gravity or just when you throw it up with a bucket? It sticks together and makes globules. The same thing in space. Also, water does curve, for example if you turn on the faucet and put a pencil in the water stream, it curves.

Simply, water suspended in the air becomes a globule, and that's Earth, a globule of water around some rocks.

Robert: Yes, just watch the water in antigravity as it moves, like air bubbles.

Yazhi: It's fine to claim things against NASA who lies all the time, but that Flat Earth thing is the twisted disinformation agenda and not the globe Earth.

It is there to control the awakening, because if the Earth is flat, they are not going to investigate other subjects, like ET subjects, and on Earth everything begins and ends with ETs, whether people understand it or not.

Robert: Yazhi, where do they get all these stories from? About continents, domes and all that? From ancient books? People who had another cosmology?

Yazhi: It's just that the dome is something that can be interpreted that way from the biblical texts, as if that's the whole truth, they talk about the waters above, that's what Mari uses. And the dome is the Van Allen bands. Besides, for me I only have to look out the window and I see that it is round. But I understand if they don't believe me.

Also, what some people say that there are no pictures of the Earth from space, yes, that's right, that's partially correct, there are not. But that has another explanation. Simply because they have not been far enough away to take a picture of the whole Earth, but only partially, because they have not been out of low orbit. That's why. Secret Space Program does not count.

And besides, if they take pictures of the Earth in the distance, where the camera can see the whole Earth, things like huge extraterrestrial ships parked there would also pop up, and... even though you can Photoshop them out, they don't want even their top secret level employees to see those things. But the main reason is that. They haven't gone out far enough to take a picture of the whole Earth.

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