Soul Contracts - What are Mine? Casual chat between Yazhi, Matias, and Gosia

Cosmic Agency, Gosia
July 13, 2023

Soul Contracts - What are Mine? Casual chat between Yazhi, Matias, and Gosia

Originally in English - beginning of 2023

Matias: One thing I would like to know these days are: What are my contracts? (So I know if I’m doing the right thing or not.)

Yazhi: As Mari says, your mission is to stay alive as long as possible, to see how hard you are to kill. She said that philosophical observation during a "Call of Duty" PlayStation match.

Matias: Yes, if only this simulation would be just that. An FPS game and ten rounds to go.

Yazhi: What makes you think it is not "only" that?

I can't know your contracts, I have no way to, only whoever has access to pod settings, if you were in one. But even those are not all the contracts there are. I mean, the ones from the other side, the spirit world, cannot be known.

Matias: FPS is simple. Kill or be killed. Here, not sure what I´m doing here exactly. My point is... being a grunt is very simple. Point and shoot and say, "yes sir." You have your objectives and orders. You know what to do. Thus, the question about the contracts the higher me made before coming here.

Gosia: Well, and now you are thrown into the field with no one but YOU deciding what to do! Is that something to be sad about? It´s the most amazing thing to realize there is no one but us who decide to create!

Yazhi: It is a lot harder to be in leadership, yes, because the work becomes less and less of a physical nature and becomes more of a mental and responsibility nature. That's why people on Earth like to follow and not to lead, brings them a sheep mentality that demonstrates their basic overall low level of spiritual evolution, ouch that can hurt!

Gosia: Yes! It´s time to grow out of the "grunt", "give me coordinates" type of mental state but take responsibility. Create, make field decisions, etc. And have faith in oneself.

Matias: Well, I think this as a "monopoly game". I don´t want to repeat anything or go back to starting point just because I missed something. Thus, if I had a clear GPS coordinate where to go and what to do, it would make me understand my existence here better.

Yazhi: Then you must understand very clearly that you will miss a lot of things so you must learn to let go of the necessity to fulfill those things that were not accomplished.

Gosia: Good point. Myself, I don´t care about any "contracts" (hated term by me) because whatever it is, at each point I am glad I can create something new, decide my path, and there are no errored paths in my view.

Yazhi: The contracts, basically, are the ones you yourself set before incarnating into the experience of being in the physical. Those are the settings you want in order to achieve the desired experience, and that is a spiritual advancement.

Limitation is a great teacher, so is suffering, like it or not. There is the idea that it is not necessary to suffer in order to learn, that is correct, but experience has shown us that hardships and suffering are necessary for souls to evolve when they are at a certain evolutionary level. When they are at that initial, "green" level, as newer souls, suffering is necessary as they have the strong tendency to stagnate and not evolve. I mean, you need a high level of spiritual development in order to continue evolving your soul with no need for suffering or hardship.

Matias: So, not every case (soul) that comes here, have premade contracts?

Yazhi: As Earth is a place of limitations, I mean that is one of its most obvious characteristics, then yes, I'm quite sure everyone has contracts, prenatal ones.

Matias: I just wish I could remember the reasons why I came here, so I could execute to the letter.

Gosia: But it matters not if you don´t fulfill them in my view. Because that "contract" was only with myself! There is no karma or punishment if I don´t, I won´t have to come back to execute it again if I don´t want to. It´s all me deciding. Even if I don´t execute something I wanted from that spirit side, what are the consequences really? We are free! The consequences are only self-imposed.

Yazhi: I don't think you have to worry about that, Matias, I'm quite sure you are executing your intent quite well.

In reality, I see no greater mission other than the one you impose upon yourself. And if you are quite sure of not wanting to go back there, you won't! It means that you've learned enough from that place. That's what I mean with learning to let go, so you have no reason to go back there as you did not leave things unfulfilled.

Gosia: Yes, precisely! However, I think I also understand the feeling of wanting to execute something, if it´s something burning inside that I feel must do but don´t know what it is. Many starseeds do stray, after all, ("stray" - relative), that´s why even Gardeners put some of them back on "track".

Matias: Gosia still finds this place full of stuff to explore and enjoy. For me, it´s the opposite. Feels like I´ve been here or learned all, no need to be here. Thus, I´m trying to understand why I am here then if I feel like what the heck I´m doing here.

Yazhi: Ok, for example, I have a very clear memory of what it is like to be on the other side, and I remember the chain of thoughts that brought me here, today, into the physical. And although I remember them clearly, from here, in the physical, I've changed my mind about many of those things. And I have no reason to live by them as a set rule, as I no longer believe that being in the other side is in any way a superior state of being, as you can be anything you want from any place, physical or not. As I'm quite sure that we are all dwelling in the ethers, in the spirit world, all the time, including now, and the physical is only an illusion, a game.

Gosia: Yes, yes! Precisely my view. Why give that higher me "contract" something of superiority? Just be whatever you want to be, from any level! And probably that is going to fulfill your "contract" anyway since from higher up, it is all set.

Yazhi: Don't take life so seriously! You don't see it so seriously when you are in "the spirit side", why would you when you are on the physical side?!

Gosia: Haha yes, precisely. I always tell Matias all this as well.

Yazhi: That giving the spirit side a higher point of view would also be part of the illusion of physicality. That is literal, there is no spoon as in there is no material world. There is only a spoon if you want there to be one.

Matias: Well, here I am with borrowed time. I don´t have forever to be here. Thus, trying to make most of it, prefer the mission first part.

Yazhi: That is a choice.

Gosia: However, the Gardeners do put the DNA memory on "track" sometimes, no? So the person can fulfil something they came to do?

Yazhi: Yes, but Gardeners or not, all that is part of the physical, and only an illusion, putting spoons into people or not. So someone can fulfill the desired "game".

Gosia: Maybe Matias has one of those missions too that would require Gardeners´ intervention?

Yazhi: I see him healthy enough. At least it is a good start.

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