What is Time and How It Works - Part 3: Can you escape from destiny? (ENGLISH)

Za'el and Arien - English
March 14, 2023

What is Time and How It Works - Part 3: Can you escape from destiny? (ENGLISH)

Za´el: Hello and welcome! Nice to have you here.

Before I start, I encourage you to watch the two previous parts on this topic of time so that you can follow the thread of what I will say in this one today without any problem.

There's actually a funny thing that happens with these videos, and that is that you start with an idea in mind about what you want to talk about, and by the end of it all, you realize that you're going down a completely different path, and you don't know how to get to where you wanted to go. It's silly, but it's funny.

Anyway, in the previous video on time, I said how I understand how it works with respect to the linearity that a soul perceives about itself and its incarnations. Although, as you move up in density, that is perspective, the linearity of things and the one-way progression of time becomes blurred. That doesn't mean that when you are in the afterlife, you automatically cease to be an Ego, so to speak, self-aware. As long as there is a perception of yourself as something or someone and not another person, thing, or whatever, you remain a character with your own temporal and circumstantial context.

This would lead us to think that you are actually the master of your own destiny all the time because if you can change your past and your future, as we talked about earlier, that means that destiny will actually always be in your hand, right? Guess what? Yes and no. Predictable, isn't it? As absolutely always, it depends on the point of view.

Let's imagine a situation. You happen to go to a fortune teller who reads your future (in between quotation marks) and tells you that you're going to eat a cake within three days. A strange example, I know. On the first day, you have an engagement and you have to pick someone up at their house, which happens to be located between two bakeries. What bad luck! The delicious smell of the bakery starts to tempt you in an almost cruel way, because you don't want to eat that cake. In the end, you manage to get through the first day without buying it.

On the second day, you meet someone on the street who is selling cakes and who needs the money for his family. You have a very strong ethical conflict. You decide to buy the cake from him but give it to a relative when you get home. Day two is over.

On the third day, it turns out to be your birthday. Your family has baked you a huge, mouth-watering cake in your favorite flavor, with a look and texture you'd never forgive yourself for passing up. Everyone is pushing you because they've made it for you, so how can you not eat the cake?

The important question now is: Are you really, really wanting to eat a cake or pie? Just kidding. The important thing now is that this is where opinions are divided, and I think that even here among us, it will be the same. And there are those who think that all this means that you are destined to eat that cake and that no matter how much you avoid it, you will end up eating cake in the end. It's your destiny, and it should be respected.

But here's where my opinion comes in, which I'm sure you'll like if you can read between the lines of what that might mean. Let's go back to the birthday moment. In the end, with an iron will, you want to prove to yourself that you are capable of escaping this fate and show the fortune teller that you can change it as much as you choose. You have succeeded, and you haven't eaten any cake in those days.

Much later, it's time for you to return to some level of the between life or even to the Source itself, and surprise! That decision you made to fight to change your so-called destiny was, in itself, your destiny. Should this be frustrating, and does that mean then that destiny is inescapable? From a certain point of view, it would be inescapable, but it should not frustrate you at all. Because what this means is the following.

If it doesn't matter what you do now because, in the end, you will always be within what you planned, then what the hell does it matter what you planned if you can live today what you decide? It also means, from another point of view, that you are deciding and writing your destiny right now.

My message then is that, as much as it may seem that your destiny is to irrevocably live a terrible experience which repeats and repeats, you can change the future. You can move destiny, even if you later discover that escaping from that idea of immovable destiny was, in itself, destiny written for you.

If you are constantly living a repetitive situation that leads you to sink into something that seems inescapable, the first thing I will say to you is that I am very sorry and that you have my full support and understanding. But the second thing I will tell you is much harder to hear, and that is that it is probably a problem of ideas, conscious or unconscious, or shadows that make you live and relive the same thing until you learn to change its value, its meaning.

I know it sounds easy to say and difficult to live, and that it always seems that you have tried everything and keep on trying. But my message from here is to allow yourself to cry, wipe your tears away when you are ready, lift your head, and look your situation in the eye. You have all the strength and power you need because you are everything. It may take time to find it and learn to master it, but it is there. Be patient and become strong, capable of changing, in between quotation marks, your apparent destiny.

And this, as I see it, also applies to the lives you observe around you, and this is a very personal view of mine. If we can hardly take it for granted that we know our destiny and our incarnational arrangements, how could anyone even claim to know the wishes of another person's soul?

That being the case, my philosophy will always remain to help those I believe are having a hard time in the best way I know how, while maintaining a balance so as not to be intrusive, of course.

All this explained today could lead us to ask ourselves several questions, which I will leave for the next video. Does the omission of action to respect the agreements of someone who suffers make sense? Does it really make sense to try to change someone's timeline?

As I said at the beginning of the video, I ended up talking about things I didn't even know I would say. In fact, I think we have entered into a very strong and very, very delicate subject.

Of course, I want to make it clear that I speak about all this with the greatest of respect and always ready to change my ideas later on, but with the experience I currently have, this is my way of understanding the universe. Because, as you can see, I can no longer say that we are just talking about time. Following the thought of how time works has basically led us to everything else.

I hope you liked it a lot, but most of all, I hope it made you think.

I encourage you to draw your own conclusions, which need not necessarily coincide with mine.

Best regards,

Za´el of Erra

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