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This page contains transcripts of the videos published in our channels. The communication with the Swaruunian and Taygetan Pleiadian ET crew members is conducted via live Internet chat using English and Spanish language.

Some of the transcripts also include community provided language translations. Open each transcript to see if it is provided in other language than English. We are not responsible for the quality of translations. NOTE FOR TRANSLATORS: Please translate as exactly as possible to the original text. Do not add or subtract any text. Thank you!

El problema con los investigadores de ovnis.

Swaruu Official - Español February 04, 2023

Texto original en Inglés traducido por Mari Swaruu

ADN - Registro de Quienes Somos - Preguntas del Publico - Yazhi Swaruu

Agencia Cósmica, Gosia March 25, 2023

Segunda parte del video sobre el ADN, con las preguntas que hemos recopilado del publico, tanto el Ingles como el Español.

DNA - Registry of Who We Are - Questions from the Public - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 26, 2023

Second part of the video about DNA, with the questions that we have collected from the public, both English and Spanish one.

The problem with UFO researchers. (English)

Swaruu Official - English February 02, 2023

Originally written in English

Definition of Self - Soul Loops **NO VIDEO**

ATTACHE, english June 14, 2021

Yazhi talks more about the soul, what it is, and how soul loops and soul expansion works. **Text only / Translated originally from Spanish**

El problema con la Ciencia en la Tierra

Swaruu Official - Español January 31, 2023

Texto originalmente en Inglés, pero traducido por Mari Swaruu, así que da igual.


Despejando Enigmas, Robert June 27, 2020


The problem with science on Earth. (English)

Swaruu Official - English January 30, 2023

Originally written in English

Important thoughts after 5 years of contact (English)

Swaruu Official - English December 25, 2022

Thoughts about what happened in the last 5 years of my predecessors talking and sharing information on line with many YouTubers. Originally written in English.

You can use a part of the video but please do not re-upload it completely and much less without clarifying that I'm the original owner of the video or leaving such ownership ambiguous. Pease always include a link to the original video from my official channel. Thank you very much. Mari Swaruu

Porque se esta Debilitando el Campo Magnético Terrestre? Deberíamos preocuparnos? (Athena Swaruu)

Agencia Cósmica, Gosia March 21, 2023

Comparto una breve conversación que tuve con Athena Swaruu a fines del año pasado sobre el debilitamiento del campo magnético y cómo algunas personas lo asocian con algo catastrófico. Entonces, qué dice Athena? ¿Podéis adivinar?

DNA - Record of Who We Are - Extraterrestrial Perspective - Yazhi Swaruu

Cosmic Agency, Gosia March 23, 2023

Here goes the first part of the video about DNA. In this part, Yazhi explains the metaphysics of DNA and how it reflects what we are and were. Robert and I then go into a series of questions about the connection between the DNA and past lives, ancestral DNA, Walk In souls, and more. This topic was captivating to me personally, thus the video came out long and detailed. In the next video, I will share the questions from the public and Yazhi´s answers.

Porqué Minecraft, Área de albercas y Jardín Central

Swaruu Official - Español January 28, 2023

Porqué Minecraft, Área de albercas y Jardín Central